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The Kit is a collaborative concept project between myself, Laura Jenkins, and Stephanie Hsu. The Kit presents a compact yet versatile toiletry kit that is able to accommodate a range of personal care products, and provides travelers with a carry-on kit that abides by flight security regulations. Utilizing swiveling compartments and a continual-use adhesive, Geckskin™ (shown right), the sleek design of The Kit provides a packing solution that reduces space in baggage and on counter tops. The Kit’s body is comprised of three compartments, with the option of having additional ones added. The body is large enough to collectively accommodate standard sized deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and razor, among other toiletry products.

The bottle is comprised of four flexible silicon sections (Quarts) that sit in a hard plastic container. The open spaces on the hard bottle shell allow the user to press the flexible silicon inwards to release the liquid contents. Each Quart is topped with a cap that snaps shut and a small tab to lock into The Kit’s body. As shown, the bottle slides into The Kit’s body, and turns clockwise for the tabs to be locked in place to prevent spilling while traveling.

size. H 7” . W 10” . D 2”